Following is the data specification for a sale that is extracted from POS OSPs

The sales endpoint for a connection returns an array of sales. The data is the key for a sale.

Individual line items can be found for each sale under the line_items key.


FieldData TypeDescription
transaction_outstanding_amountnumberTotal outstanding invoice amount
currency_ratenumberCurrency rate between the currency of the invoice and the base currency of the business
Currency rate between the currency of the invoice and the base currency of the businessdateDate on which the invoice was issued
transaction_due_datedateDate on which the invoice is due
transaction_statusstringStatus of the invoice (Paid, Unpaid)
transaction_referencestringUnique identifier of the invoice on OSP's end
transaction_currencystringCurrency in which the invoice was issued
transaction_gross_valuenumberTotal invoice amount
transaction_net_valuenumberinvoice subtotal
line_itemsLineItem[]An array of line items as defined below

Line Item

FieldData TypeDescription
product_namestringName of the product or service being sold
system_idstringUnique identifier of the line item on 9Spokes' end
item_identifieritem_identifierUnique identifier of the line item on the app's end
item_categorystringAccount category under which the transaction item was originally listed
item_typestring'invoice' when the osp is an accouting app and 'good-service' when the osp is a point of sale app
item_net_unit_sale_valuenumberNet sale value per item
item_net_unit_discount_valuenumberNet discount value per item
item_unit_tax_valuenumberTax value per item
item_price_list_referencestringReference to any pre-set discounting based upon specific price lists (specials, happy hour, etc.)
item_total_gross_valueitem_total_gross_valueTotal gross value of the item (before tax)
item_total_net_valuenumberNet value of the item (after tax)
item_total_tax_valuenumberTotal tax value applied to the item
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