Growth history data is the analysis of month-by-month growth activity for list/audience. Following is the data specification for growth history as extracted from Email Marketing OSPs

Data Schema

FieldData TypeDescription
list_idstringList ID (App-wide unique ID)
List ID (App-wide unique ID)stringList name
list_date_createdsrtingList creation date
growth_historyarrayArray of growth_history object
reconfirmfloatNumber of reconfirm
deletedfloatNumber of deleted
existingfloatNumber of existing
importsfloatNumber of imports
Number of importsfloatNumber of subscribed
cleanedfloatNumber of cleaned
pendingfloatNumber of pending
transactionalfloatNumber of transactional
monthdaterecord's month
optinsfloatNumber of optins
unsubscribedfloatNumber of unsubscribed
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