Following is the data specification for a bill that is extracted from accounting/POS OSPs.

The bills endpoint for a connection returns an array of bills. The data is the key for a bill.

Individual line items can be found for each bill under the line_items key.


FieldData TypeDescription
transaction_outstanding_amountnumberTotal outstanding bill amount
currency_ratenumber Currency rate between the currency of the bill and the base currency of the business
transaction_date dateDate on which the bill was issued
transaction_due_date dateDate on which the bill is due
transaction_status string Status of the bill (Paid, Unpaid)
transaction_reference string Unique identifier of the bill on OSP's end
related_reference string Unique reference related to the transaction
party_identifier stringUnique identifier for the third party
transaction_currency string Currency in which the bill was issued
transaction_gross_value number Total bill amount
transaction_net_value number Bill subtotal
tax_amount number Total applied tax amount
line_items LineItem[]An array of line items as defined below

Line Item

FieldData TypeDescription
product_name string Name of the product or service being sold
system_idstring Unique identifier of the line item on 9Spokes' end
item_identifier string Unique identifier of the line item on the app's end
item_category string Account category under which the transaction item was originally listed
item_type string 'bill' when the osp is an accouting app and 'good-service' when the osp is a point of sale app
item_net_unit_sale_value numberNet sale value per item
item_net_unit_discount_valuenumberNet discount value per item
item_unit_tax_value numberTax value per item
item_price_list_reference stringReference to any pre-set discounting based upon specific price lists (specials, happy hour, etc.)
item_total_gross_valuenumberTotal gross value of the item (before tax)
item_total_net_valuenumberNet value of the item (after tax)
item_total_tax_valuenumberTotal tax value applied to the item
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